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9:15 AM
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4:00 PM
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About this Conference

Never has there been a better time to attend the “National Cyber Security Conference” since what has happened in Ireland over the last few months. The risk and severity of cyber-attacks around the globe are continuing to grow year on year.

This conference will look at how ransomware has evolved, and the costs of data recovery. We will look at how GDPR and cyber security should (and can) work hand in hand. We will look into the emergence of new technologies, their impact on compliance,and how to adopt an attitude to work with and embrace them. The conference will provide advice on dealing with a cyber attack should one occur, particularly while working from home, and we will explore new blockchain challenges and opportunities.

It is a must attend event for anyone involved in technology, security, and the management of a business with responsibility for business continuity.


Conference Chairperson & Opening Remarks

Tom Halton, CEO & Principal, HMHmmmmm Ltd. CyberConsulting

Ransomware – has gotten out of hand;

  • Understanding the costs of recovering from a Ransomware incident
  • Evolved to use multiple coercion tactics
  • GDPR implications

Liam Lynch, L2 Cyber Security Solutions

Legal issues of responding to a ransomware attack

  • When must you report the fact of an attack? To what bodies? When?
  • Can you legally pay a ransom? When might it be a crime to do so?
  • When must you notify individuals that their data has been compromised?
  • What will insurance cover in relation to ransomware? What must you do to ensure cover?

Dr TJ McIntyre, Associate Professor, UCD Sutherland School of Law

Where GDPR meets Cybersecurity

  • GDPR and Cybersecurity — brining the two together for a collaborative approach
  • How to get management buy-in to invest in GDPR and Cybersecurity in your organisation
  • Using GDPR and Cybersecurity to build customer trust
  • Future predictions

Andrea Manning, CEO & Founder of CyberPie, GDPR Consultant Data Influence

Strategies to handle a Cyber-attack when in the middle of the storm

  • Do you have a response plan in place for when you WILL BE attacked?
  • Precedent set for working from home – what will be the next emergency, when and what do you need to prepare for from a cyber security viewpoint
  • Authentication, Identification and Access
  • Zero Trust, what is it, why use it?
  • Awareness training, this is not a once off exercise – telling the stories behind cybercrime, making it personal and avoiding the fear factor

Conor O’Leary, Channel Account Executive, Sophos

Impact of emerging technologies: Quantum computing, Cybercurrencies & Blockchain, XR (VR/AR/MR), etc

  • Cyber Resilience, getting the right mix of risk management, info security management, crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery management
  • Embracing Emerging Tech: the reimagined business
  • Risks and Rewards. Safeguards and supports.
  • How ready are you? The Future is Now.

Philipa Jane Farley, BSc (Artificial Intelligence) LLB (IP and IT Law)

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, and Data Security: Personal, Corporate, Social, and Sovereignty, scenarios

  • The impact of new technologies on security & compliance
  • AI & Machine Learning cyber security considerations
  • Blockchain challenges and opportunities with regards to cyber security
  • Managing the blur between personal and business data on social media and impact on data compliance
  • The concept of Cyber sovereignty and cyber retaliation and its impact moving forward

Mathieu Gorge, CEO, Vigitrust

Degrade, Deny, Corrupt & Exploit: Understanding Information Warfare

  • Background and primer on warfare and military doctrine
  • What are the attack modes in Information Warfare?
  • A brief discussion on case studies of previous attacks

Paddy Kerley, Final year student of Digital Forensics and Cyber Security at TU Dublin

Keeping users cyber safe while working from home

  • Multifactor authentication don’t work remotely without it!
  • Microsoft 365 – Security best practices around Office 365 and remote working
  • Microsoft Teams – Security issues arising
  • One Drive

Richard Dalton, Technical Director at Rits Information Security

Who Should Attend?

This event will be of real interest to all cyber and data security specialists in organisations such as banks, retail, IT specialists, insurance, government bodies, semi state agencies, local authorities, consultants, regulators, universities, specialist cyber security suppliers and manufacturers to the sector to name just a few


Liam Lynch
L2 Cyber Security Solutions
TJ McIntyre
Lecturer, UCD, Chair Digital Rights Ireland
Andrea Manning
CEO & Founder of CyberPie, GDPR Consultant Data Influence
Conor O’Leary
Channel Account Executive, Sophos
Philipa Jane Farley
BSc (Artificial Intelligence) LLB (IP and IT Law)
Mathieu Gorge
CEO, Vigitrust
Richard Dalton
Technical Director at Rits Information Security
Tom Halton
CEO & Principal, HMHmmmmm Ltd. CyberConsulting


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