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About this Conference

This conference will examine a number of areas that are vitally important to Learning and Development managers and HR professionals. We will show you how to develop your L&D framework and strategy, how to use personalisation to create a culture of ongoing learning. We will show you how to calculate return on investment, and the challenges in measuring the impact of your training programmes. We will evaluate new capabilities, including AI and digital learning techniques, and how to conduct a training needs analysis in your business.

This and much more will be discussed during the day, including Learning Management Systems, how to establish a reverse mentoring programme, and gamification strategies. You will hear from the leading minds in the area of learning and development, giving you a chance to ask specific and relevant questions, and gain practical everyday advice that you can implement immediately.

A word from our conference chairperson


Conference Chairperson & Opening Remarks

Sue McLoughlin MBA, Founder and Managing Director,

Creating your L&D Framework

Speaker: Laura Barry, Head of HR Services at Insight HR

  • What a learning and development strategy is
  • Why it matters
  • Corporate success stories
  • A step-by-step guide to building an L&D strategy

Creating a Culture of Ongoing Learning Through Personalization

Speaker: Belinda Brummer, Founder of Boost Learning

  • Leveraging design thinking to integrate the needs of the learners and the business in L&D programs
  • Delivering critical skill development through effective learning design and by adapting to different learning preferences
  • Integrating micro-learning to achieve continuous skills development while supporting work-life balance and minimizing the impact of training on the work day 
  • Understanding the role of AI and LXPs in supporting the needs of each individual learner

Return on Investment - The Kirkpatrick Model and The Phillips Model

  • The Importance of Calculating ROI in Training
  • The Challenge of Measuring Training's Impact
  • Stakeholders buy-in, justifying L&D budgets, and ensuring that training programs are strategically aligned with organisational objectives.
  • The Kirkpatrick Model and the Phillips Model
  • Impact Study

AI and Digital Learning Technologies – Staying on Top of Rapid Changes

Speaker: Conal Markey, Founder, Optech Consulting

  • Aligning your technology platforms with your strategy and culture  
  • Evaluating new capabilities: artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality  
  • Incorporating gamification strategies to enhance employee engagement  
  • Ensuring a comprehensive security and privacy policy
  • How digital fits in your wider L&D strategy
  • Online learning vs face-to-face learning
  • How to create a successful strategy

Mentoring and its Role in Staff Development

Speaker: Sonya Meekel, Lecturer in TU Dublin, MBA, MSc M.A, BScEng, P.G  Dip.Proj Mang, P.G Dip Ed, C.Eng, M.I.E.I

  • How can mentoring improve employee performance?
  • What most employee development programs have in common
  • How to take employee development to the next level with mentorship
  • Establishing a formal mentoring program

Training Needs Analysis

Speaker: Fredericka Sheppard, Co-Founder and Managing Director (Joint), Voltedge Management

  • What is a training needs analysis?
  • What is the purpose of conducting a training needs analysis?
  • Training needs analysis best practices
  • How to conduct a training needs analysis
  • Training needs analysis examples

Employee Engagement Strategies

Speaker: Niamh Moynihan, Founder, Better Workday

  • Onboard employees early
  • Build a culture of learning
  • Have a culture of self-directed learning
  • High quality learning resources
  • Invest in coaching and mentoring

Learning Management Systems

Speaker: Sean Delaney, Founder, Cobblestone Learning

  • Next Generation LMS and LXPs
  • Off-The-Shelf, Bespoke and AI Content
  • Designing Learning Materials for your LMs
  • Integration of Social Learning, Micro Learning and Personalisation

Integrating Career Planning, Coaching and Mentoring To Guide L&D Initiatives

Speaker: Julie Ryan, Deputy Managing Director, Harvest Resources Ltd

  • An overview of new tools and strategies for training and upskilling talent in times of change
  • Connecting development strategies with business priorities to deliver in-demand skillsets
  • Taking a skills inventory to identify gaps and determine if positions can be filled in-house
  • Harnessing AI to develop personalised career plans for key talent by matching their skills with new projects and career pathways

Who Should Attend?

This event will be of interest to learning and development professionals, HR Managers, Senior Management, training coordinators or anyone interested in developing their knowledge in the learning and development space.


Sue McLoughlin
Founder and Managing Director,
Belinda Brummer
Founder, Boost Learning
Conal Markey
Founder, Optech Consulting
Mick Lavin
Innovative Leadership Coach, Team Coach, & Mentor
Fredericka Sheppard
Co-Founder and Managing Director (Joint) Voltedge Management
Laura Barry
Head of HR Services, Insight HR
Niamh Moynihan
Founder, Better Workday
Julie Ryan
Deputy Managing Director, Harvest Resources Ltd
Sean Delaney
Founder, Cobblestone Learning




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