Start Time
9:15 AM
End Time
3.45 PM
There will be CPD hours awarded to attendees. Please check directly with your association or awarding body to see how many points they will award.

About this Conference

This conference will provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of the Technical Guidance Documents and give a practical review of TGD’s in relation to each part of the Building Regulations. Areas such as interpretation of the TGD’s; changes to TGD’s in recent years to be aware of and elements you must pay attention to and get right from the start will be discussed in detail.

There will be a full line up of expert speakers on these topics covering all practical and legal elements, using case studies and real-life examples to help you fully understand all important areas.


Conference Chairperson & Opening Remarks

John O Connor, Chair, Housing Commission

  • Overview of the Building Control System; including the building control regulations and the building regulations
  • Overview of part J
  • Overview of part H

TGD’s - Issues raised by the Certification Regime and Building Control

  • Certification Regime – applicable law
  • Preparation of the Certificate of Compliance on Completion
  • Ancillary Certificates
  • The Statutory Register
  • The Building Control Management System ("BCMS")
  • Building Control Authority obligations
  • Practical steps to avoid certification issues

Mairéad Phelan, Head of National Building Control Office

Parts K & M

  • The background & context for both Building Regulations K & M
  • Understanding the end users
  • The application of the TGD’s to meet the requirements of the Regulations
  • Supplementary guidance to TGD K & M
  • Overlaps between K and M = when to use (eg stairs and ramps)
  • Detail Design and where things go wrong during construction
  • Recent changes to BS 8300:2018
  • Changing places facilities

Eoin O’Herlihy, Managing Director, O’Herlihy Access Consultancy

Part E: Sound

  • Application of Part E
  • Mandatory Sound Insulation Performance Requirements
  • Standard Constructions
  • Sound Insulation Testing
  • Reverberation Control

Chris Dilworth, Director (Acoustics), AWN Consulting

Part B– Fire Safety: Volumes 1 & 2

  • Recent Revisions
  • Overview of TGD B: 2006 – Volume 1 (All buildings except dwelling-houses)
  • TGD B: 2017 – Volume 2 (Dwelling- houses) Main Changes and Provisions
  • Provisions sometimes overlooked.

Eanna O Tuama, Associate & Dublin Branch Manager, Affinity Fire Engineering

Part L- Implementation of climate action through building standards & regulations

Part L (Domestic)

  • Minimum Design Parameters (Fabric, Ventilation, Space and Water Heating, Renewables, Thermal Bridging, etc.)
  • Path to achieving Compliance
  • Major Renovations
  • Examples
  • Transitional Arrangements

Part L 2017 (Non Domestic): Conservation of Fuel and Energy – Buildings other than Dwellings presentation:

  • NZEB
  • Application
  • Key Components of Performance Requirements
  • Achieving Compliance
  • Major Renovation
  • NEAP Overview

Archie O'Donnell, BSc(Hons) CABE RIAI(tech)  BREEAM AP, Registered Building Surveyor, Environmental Manager, i3PT

Part C - Contaminated land – Radon, CO2, CH4 and VOCs

  • Types and sources of ground gas
  • Irish and UK regulations and guidance summary
  • Protection measures
  • Slab types, passive ventilation and gas membranes
  • Pro’s and con’s and considerations of these measures
  •         Installation quality
  • Detailed design
  • Independent verification strategy
  • Integrity testing options

Stacey McKenna, FGS, Professional Geo-Environmental Scientist, Geosyntec Consultants Ltd

Part A Structure

  • Revisions of Part A overtime – 1991, 1997 and 2012
  • Current version 2012
  • Relationship to Construction Products Regulation 305/2011
  • Relationship to Eurocodes and other European standards
  • The Requirements
  • Sub-section 1 – Houses and other small buildings
  • Sub-section 2 - All Building types, codes , standards and references
  • Sub-section 3 – Recovering of existing roof structures and structural safety of external wall cladding
  • Section 2 – Disproportionate Collapse
  • Execution and inspection
  • Certification

Jim Mansfield, Kavanagh Mansfield & Partners

Parts D Materials and Workmanship

  • Materials, workmanship and design considerations
  • Standard and references including codes of practice and standard recommendations -CEN Standards and IS Standards
  • Construction Products Regulations: - The application of harmonized Standards and conformity of the construction product with its declared performance
  • Technical Specifications, performance criteria, tolerances, sampling and testing
  • Role of various players involved in CPR and their obligations
  • Responsibility of designated parties for demonstrating a construction product’s compliance with the requirements of the PART D & the CPR regulations

Orla Fitzgerald, Architect practicing within Dispute Resolution, Fitzgerald Associates

Part G Hygiene

  • Application of Part G -Guidance in respect of design and installation of sanitary conveniences and washing facilities        
  • Bathroom & Kitchen installations etc
  • Hot and cold-water supplies
  • Efficient water use for flushing fittings
  • Protecting installations and ensuring compliance

Irene Hayden, Lecturer, Department of Building and Civil Engineering, Atlantic Technical University

Who Should Attend?

This event will be of real interest to all build and design professionals, assigned and design certifiers, public sector bodies and those who look after the technicalities and law surrounding projects. The types of organisations in attendance are typically contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, architects, local authorities, semi-state agencies, government departments, manufacturers, suppliers, universities and legal consultants to name just a few


John O Connor
Chair Housing Commission
Mairéad Phelan
Head of National Building Control Office
Eoin O’Herlihy
Managing Director, O’Herlihy Access Consultancy
Chris Dilworth
Director (Acoustics), AWN Consulting
Eanna O Tuama
Associate & Dublin Branch Manager, Affinity Fire Engineering
Archie O'Donnell
Registered Building Surveyor, Environmental Manager, i3PT
Jim Mansfield
Kavanagh Mansfield & Partners
Orla Fitzgerald
Architect practicing within Dispute Resolution, Fitzgerald Associates
Irene Hayden
Lecturer, Department of Building and Civil Engineering, Atlantic Technical University
Stacey McKenna
Professional Geo-Environmental Scientist


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