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About this Conference

The term MMC, or modern methods of construction, has become a catch-all for non-traditional construction, it is best described as an approach to constructing buildings quickly, safely, and sustainably. However, the construction industry is slow to make the jump completely away from traditional methods.

In this conference we will explore both sides of the argument for and against the complete adoption of Modern Methods in Construction and the reasoning behind the differing opinions.

This is a must attend for the construction sector as a whole from management to on the ground as these new methods impact from the top down.

A word from our conference chairperson


Conference Chairperson & Opening Remarks

Carol Tallon, Strategic Communications & PR (MPRII) for the Construction & Property Industries · Property District Ireland


Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks?

Speaker: Bryn Griffiths, Director, Turner & Townsend

  • Health and Safety Benefits
  • Quality Control – Defects can be highlighted at earlier stages.
  • Faster Method than traditional builds
  • Potential Cost Savings
  • Easier to adapt, something that modern real estate ESG strategies recommend.

Offsite Manufacturing – How to drive scalable and sustainable Manufacturing efficiencies?

Speaker: Dick Clerkin, Managing Director, Clerkin Consulting

  • Invest in your people at all levels to ensure you build a skilled, committed and aligned workforce.
  • Build in best practice Manufacturing systems in key areas such as:
  •      o Quality Control
  •      o Factory layout
  •      o Health and Safety Standards
  •      o Performance Management – ‘Know your numbers’ BOM, Costs, outputs etc.
  • Capacity Planning – Ensure your factory is fully loaded to maximise plant utilisation.
  • Continuous Improvement culture – Challenge status quo, be agile and able to adapt to new work practices, build methods etc.

Fire Safety of Modular Buildings – Concerns and Assurances

Speaker: Eanna O Tuama, Associate & Dublin Branch Manager, Affinity Fire Engineering

  • Modular builds rarely tested as a complete system.
  • Detailed Risk Assessments are required including:
  •      o Occupancy of the building
  •      o Layout of the site
  •      o Neighbouring structure proximity
  • Part B – How does modular fit?
  • Fire resistance test results.
  • Reaction to fire performance results.
  • Compartmentation drawing details and fire stopping details.

There’s Already a Skills Shortage – Training Requirements for Current Workers

Speaker: Martin Searson, Founder and CEO, Quality Positive Limited

  • More than half of the companies (54%) using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) in Ireland don’t believe the right skills are currently available.
  • Roles and Skills Gaps
  • Government plans to make construction a more attractive career.
  • Training traditional workers to embrace the more modern methods.
  • Training programmes and professional development
  • Will traditional skills become obsolete?

Contract Risks – What Needs to be Considered

Speaker: Robert Rooney, Partner, Mason Hayes and Curran

  • Ownership of material
  • Insurances/ transit risks
  • Insolvency of suppliers
  • Defects in modular units who is liable.
  • Compliance with the building regulations

NSAI Agrément for Certification

Speaker: Seán Balfe, Director, NSAI Agrément

  • Technical Assessment Specification (TAS)
  • Current compliances with BCAR
  • Additional Regulations Required
  • On-site evaluations
  • Factory production inspections
  • Competency
  • Certificate Holder Responsibilities and Maintaining Certification
  • NSAI Responsibilities

Modular Buildings Insurance – What’s the Risk? Uninsurable?

Speaker: Tim Brennan, Solicitor, ByrneWallace LLP

More Cost Effective or More Costly?

Speaker:  Michael McCarthy, MRICS, MSCSI, Managing Director, MMC Quantity Surveyors

Who Should Attend?

This conference is aimed at wide audience that includes companies in the construction industry, higher education, training and research organisations; along with state entities involved in policy development and coordination for the construction sector and construction related industry representative organisations and professional bodies.


Eanna O Tuama
Associate & Dublin Branch Manager, Affinity Fire Engineering
Dick Clerkin
Managing Director, Clerkin Consulting
Michael McCarthy
Managing Director, MMC Quantity Surveyors
Seán Balfe
Director, NSAI Agrément
Tim Brennan
Solicitor, ByrneWallace LLP
Carol Tallon
CEO , Property District
Bryn Griffiths
Director, Turner & Townsend
Martin Searson
Founder and CEO, Quality Positive Limited
Robert Rooney
Partner, Mason Hayes and Curran


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