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9:15 AM
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3.45 PM
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About this Conference

This online conference will provide attendees with the most up-to-date information surrounding the ever-evolving landscape of data protection. We will cover the EU AI Act, which is the first European-level regulation specifically aimed at artificial intelligence. We will discuss cookies and data transparency, the EU cloud code of conduct and how it will support day to day compliance, the future of the Right of Access, retention policies and the future of international data transfers.

You will hear from a line-up of incredibly knowledgeable and experienced speakers, who will answer queries and provide an insight into how to navigate potentially complicated situations and will show exactly what you need to be prepared for


Conference Chairperson & Opening Remarks

Adam Finlay, Partner, McCann Fitzgerald

EU AI Act- Governance and Regulation from the perspective of autonomy and privacy

  • How should AI governance address group interests, group privacy and abnormal justice?
  • How can governance mechanisms mitigate automated stigmatisation and discrimination related to gender?
  • What does the use of live facial recognition mean for ‘public’ space, and should police be allowed to test these biometric technologies in real settings?
  • How will the design and deployment of predictive policing systems be affected by the EU AI Act?

Joshua Hovsha, Data Protection Consultant & Researcher Trinity College Dublin

Cookies and Data Privacy

  • Effective transparency and control measures (including privacy icons): the example of cookie banners. Where do we stand now?
  • What are the most recent/prominent examples of good and bad transparency and control measures in practice?
  • Which approaches exist in research to design and test good transparency and control measures?
  • Which roles do PIMS, CMP and browsers play in this context?
  • What is the regulator’s point of view on this?

Eoin Cannon, Data Protection Consultant

EU Cloud Code of Conduct: Operationalising GDPR Compliance

  • What are the advantages of co-regulatory instruments?
  • How does the EU Cloud Code of Conduct support the day-to-day compliance of Cloud Service Providers?
  • What is the Third Country Transfer Initiative and how can it help address some of the recent challenges with international data transfers?

Kate Colleary, Director Pembroke Privacy, Country Leader – IAPP

The Future of The Right to Access

  • Why is the right to access so important?
  • What threatens the right to access?
  • Right to access: transparency tool or privacy threat?
  • How to fix the right to access?

Ronan Lupton SC, Law Library

Discussing The Potential and Challenges of Private Actions for GDPR Infringements

  • Why does the one-stop-shop fail to effectively remedy GDPR cross-border infringements?
  • How do national divergences in substantive and procedural laws impact cross-border private actions?
  • What are the specific challenges faced by NGOs when bringing cross-border private actions, and what are the recent private actions launched?
  • What is the interlink between the Collective Redress Directive and the GDPR, and does it signal the advent of a new era for GDPR enforcement?

Laura Fannin, Partner, Commercial & Business Team at Hayes Solicitors

Data Retention Policies

  • What is the compliance level with retention requirements?
  • Structured versus unstructured data retention and technical approaches?
  • What can we do with a data processor who doesn't have a retention policy in place?
  • With third parties, how far does a data controller have to go to ensure they have proper retention policy in place?
Liam McKenna, Partner, and Head of Privacy, Mazars

Art. 46 GDPR Transfers subject to appropriate safeguards & Art. 49 GDPR Derogations for specific situations

DaraghO Brien, Managing Director, Castlebridge

The future of International Transfers

  • Adequacy as a basis for cross border transfers
  • Rules for assessing adequacy-fit for purpose?
  • The EU’s adequacy decision in favour of the UK-will it last?
  • The future of the UK’s data protection regime
  • Will we ever see an effective EU/US transfer regime?

Patricia McGovern, Head of Intellectual Property and Business Departments, DFMGSolicitors

Retention of Communications Data

Adam Finlay, Partner, McCann Fitzgerald

Who Should Attend?

This conference will be of interest to all businesses in Ireland (large and small) such as, government departments, corporate consultants, retailers, banks, technology companies, healthcare organisations, marketing firms, legal firms, consultants, advisers, Data protection officers, local authorities, semi-state agencies, FOI Officers, data controllers and universities to name just a few.


Adam Finlay
Partner, McCann Fitzgerald
Eoin Cannon
BL, Member of the Castlebridge Advisory Team
Kate Colleary
Director of Pembroke Privacy, Country Leader of IAPP
Ronan Lupton SC
SC, Law Library
Patricia McGovern
Head of Intellectual Property, DFMG Solicitors
Joshua Hovsha
Data Protection Consultant
Laura Fannin
Partner, Commercial & Business Team at Hayes Solicitors
Liam McKenna
Partner, and Head of Privacy, Mazars
Daragh O Brien
Managing Director, Castlebridge


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